Discussion with Her Excellency Dr. Lia Tadesse about Tobacco Taxation & Awareness Creation

“ሱስ የምንከላከለውና የሚድን የአዕምሮ በሽታ ነው!”
የሲጋራ ሱስ የአዕምሮ ህመም ነው!🚭
ዛሬ ከጤና ሚኒስቴር ዴኤታ ክብርት ዶ/ር ሊያ ታደሰ ጋር ሲጋራን ጨምሮ ስለ አደገኛ እፆች ተጠቃሚነትና ሱሰኝነት ቅድመ መከላከል ውጤታማ ውይይት አደረግን።

Addiction is a chronic Brian disease Including Tobacco Addiction

Today a productive meeting on substance abuse with the State Minister of Health Dr. Lia Tadesse.
Thank you for your willingness to be our championships to mitigate substance abuse (Addiction ) and save this and the next generation!

State Minister office

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Meqoamia Community Development Organization (MCDO) is a non-profit civil society organization that played a critical role in establishing treatment, prevention, and recovery coaching especially, for those with substance abuse issues or Addiction. Moreover, the organization has been giving psychosocial support to individuals in need. 

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