Establishment of Substance Use Disorders Rehabilitation and Recovery Center in Addis Ababa City

We had effective and critical discussion with the Minister of Health, Her Excellency Dr. Lia Tadese on Substance Use Disorders (SUDs) 🚭 Addiction Rehabilitation and Referral Center in Addis Ababa City.
# Thanks for the effective conversation.

α‹¨αŒ€αŠ“ αˆšαŠ’αˆ΅α‰΄αˆ­ αˆšαŠ•αˆ΅α‰΅αˆ­ αŠ¨αˆ†αŠ‘α‰΅ ክα‰₯αˆ­α‰΅ α‹Ά/ር αˆŠα‹« α‰³α‹°αˆ° αŒ‹αˆ­ α‰ αŠ α‹°αŠ•α‹›α‹₯ αŠ₯ፆች αŠ αˆˆαŠ αŒα‰£α‰₯ αˆ˜αŒ α‰€αˆαŠ“ αˆ±αˆ°αŠαŠα‰΅ αˆ…αŠ­αˆαŠ“ α‹™αˆͺα‹« አαˆͺፍ ውይይቡ αŠ α‹°αˆ¨αŒˆαŠ“αˆα’
#αˆ΅αˆˆαŠα‰ αˆ¨αŠ• α‹αŒ€α‰³αˆ› ውይይቡ αˆαˆ΅αŒ‹αŠ“α‹¨ ከፍ α‹«αˆˆ αŠα‹!

አገር αˆ›αˆˆα‰΅ αˆ°α‹ αŠα‹!

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Meqoamia Community Development Organization (MCDO) is a non-profit civil society organization that played a critical role in establishing treatment, prevention, and recovery coaching especially, for those with substance abuse issues or Addiction. Moreover, the organization has been giving psychosocial support to individuals in need.Β 

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